Steel and Glass Geodesic Domes

We design and build custom and unique geodesic domes.

Green roof, passive house domes

Buildings that are beautiful and functional at the same time.

One-of-a-kind glass, metal and concrete geodesic domes.

We also build earth sheltered, green roof geodesic domes that can be insluated to passive house standards. Our goal is to create structures whose function is as important as their form, buildings that are beautiful and functional at the same time. Earth sheltered, glass geodesic domes represent the ultimate sustainable passive eco homes of the future and the timeless design and alluring aesthetics of geodesic domes offer unsurpassed versatility, they can be designed as ultra modern passive eco-homes, recreational spaces, indoor pools, glamping and luxury resorts, greenhouses, stellar observatories - the possibilities are endless.

Geodesic domes - The Sustainable House of the Future

The patented technology that we use enables us to offer the highest quality dome homes, from both the structural and aesthetic point of view. The materials we use are the most modern steel and aluminum alloys, toughened laminated security glass that can be single, double or triple glazed, with various options for transparency or mirror finish, low-E and different types of coatings and we can even use Smart Glass technology. Our unique green roof earth sheltered geodesic dome homes can be insulated to the highest passive house standards and we can merge and combine different types and sizes of domes in order to create truly unique and futuristic looking dome homes. The geodesic dome homes that we build require a foundation and are non-movable structures that can't be assembled from a kit. Our company handles every aspect of the construction process and the end result is far superior to any other dome house on the market.

Aside from their natural beauty, dome homes also have many structural advantages. Geodesic dome homes have been built around the world in varied climates and have proven to be the strongest and most efficient human shelter ever conceived. Geodesic domes are the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man, they are extremely strong for their weight due to their omnitriangulated surface that provides an inherently stable structure, with a natural resistance to external factors like earthquakes up to 8.5 on the Richter scale , winds up to 320 km/h due to the aerodynamic shape and loads up to 20 tones per point of structure.

Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes

Quick short answers

Frequently asked questions

Do your domes require planning permissions?

Yes, all our domes require a concrete foundation, so that makes them permanent structures.

What is an aproximate price for your domes?

Prices start from 2000 euros per square meter. For a more exact price offer email us.

Can you ship the domes in kit form?

No, our domes can not be sold as DIY kits. The on-site build is complex and requires our team and specialized equipment.

Can you build outside of Europe?

Yes, we can build domes anywhere in the world, however the size of the project will determine if it's feasible for us.

How long does it take for you to build a dome?

No less than a year for a medium sized dome of 10m diameter.

If I want a dome, what are the next steps?

1. Preliminary designs

2. On-site feasibility study

3. Prefabricated parts manufacturing

4. On-site build

Can you make custom domes?

Yes, our team will design the dome house based on your specific requirements.

How much do your design services cost ?

Our design services start from 10.000 euros

Where are you located?

We are located in Carei, Romania.

Do you sell dome kits?

NO! Our domes are not kits or tents!

Do you sell glamping domes?

NO! We do not build tents! We build permanent structures, not tents!

Top 10 facts about domes

1.Dome homes are the strongest human shelter ever conceived. The spherical and symetrical shape allows domes to evenly and efficiently distribute the weight and stress along the entire structure.

2.Dome homes are the world's highest earthquake resistant structures. And they dont require any interior load bearing walls.Shake Table Test Shows the Dome Shape is Virtually Earthquake-Proof

3.Dome homes are aerodynamic. They can withstand hurricane winds in excess of 320 km/h.

4.Dome homes are the most efficient structures known to man, covering the most living area with the least amount of surface area.

5.Because of the high volume-to-surface-area ratio dome homes have at least 30% less surface area than other shaped buildings. That means it takes at least 30% less energy to heat or cool them.

6.The spherical design of a dome house results in highly efficient and effective air circulation. The ambient airflow inside the dome house is continuous, with no stagnant corners, requiring less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures.

7.Dome homes mirror the suns path thus maximizing solar gain all day, all year.

8.Some of the largest buildings in the world are domes; London’s millennium dome and the Eden domes were record breakers when they were built. The Miyazaki Ocean Dome in Japan is known as the world's largest indoor water park (300m-100m-38m).

9.Dome homes use less materials than conventional buildings and still outperform them in structural tests.

10.The larger the dome house, the more efficient it becomes. This is demonstrated by doubling the diameter, which encloses eight times the volume.

Eco-Luxury Unveiled: Biodomes' Geodesic Dome Homes

Welcome to the world of Biodomes, where we specialize in designing and building bespoke steel and glass geodesic domes. Our creations are not just structures; they are a blend of beauty and functionality tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Our green roof, passive house domes, and unique glass, metal, and concrete geodesic domes stand out for their sustainable design. They embody the ultimate in passive eco homes, versatile enough for uses ranging from modern eco-homes to luxury resorts and observatories. The endless possibilities cater to both practical needs and aesthetic aspirations.

At Biodomes, we employ patented technology to craft high-quality dome homes. We use modern materials like steel, aluminum alloys, and laminated security glass, which can be customized in terms of glazing and finishes. Our geodesic dome homes, grounded in sustainability, require a foundation and are constructed on-site by our team, ensuring a unique and superior end product.

The structural and environmental advantages of our geodesic dome homes are unparalleled. They are known for their strength, efficiency in enclosing space, and resilience against natural elements like earthquakes and high winds. The design ensures efficient use of materials and energy, making them a model for future sustainable living.

Biodomes is at the forefront of creating sustainable, beautiful, and functional living spaces that are not just homes but a lifestyle statement. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart in the realm of modern architecture.